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Best Wooden Watches for 2019 - Inspired by Nature & Eco-Friendly

If you're looking for the best wooden watches for men or women then you've come to the right place! We here at Woden Watches have reviewed the top 10 best wooden watches to save you time, hassle, and money. From JORD Watches made of wood to Ovi Wooden Watches, we've found the absolute the best wooden watches anywhere. 

10. Wooden Watch Prunus- 139

Men Wood Watch
When someone is looking for the best wooden watches it is easy for them to see that this wooden watch Prunus is one of them. It is made of 100 percent wood, and it has a very unique design to it and it only weighs 22 g. It looks nice when it is on a man's wrist, and the fact that it wears comfortably, too, makes it one of the best Eco-Friendly watch in the market. 

9. Unisex Assunt Watch - £99.00

Men Wood Watch
Wewood’s Assunt watch could, at a glance, be confused with any regular carbon or steel timepiece. Upon closer inspection, however, this timber ticker is crafted from 100 percent natural wood, emphasized by the subtle grains that run throughout.

8. Minimalist Orginal Grain Wood Wrist Watch$199 

Orginal Grain Wood Wrist Watch
Hybrid watches don’t just end with dual-metal styles. While previous attempts to ‘traditionalize’ wooden watches have fallen flat, Tree Hut hit the sweet spot with a stainless steel bracelet and case that sits comfortably with real wood inlays.

7. Magnolia Women Wood Watch - $199

Magnolia Wooden Watches
Magnolia Watches was designed with the principles of quality and affordability in mind. Drawing inspiration from industrial and modern landscapes, these hand-crafted wooden watches are unique, stylish, and versatile, featuring a custom wooden case and dial.

6. Meridian Series Automatic- $475

Luxury wood watches
Natural needn’t mean simple. Jord’s Dover watch features all the technicality of traditional blue chip designs – including a self-winding, automatic movement and skeleton dial – yet pulls it together in an unorthodox material that doesn’t cost the earth.

5. Chocolate Wood Watch- $91

Choclate wood watch
The best wooden watches are those that look great when they are on the wrist, and also those that work well. And this WEWOOD watch is both of those things. The dark, chocolate wood of this watch makes it look great. It is a statement piece that will make anyone feel dressed up when they have it one. Not all watches made of wood are as elegant as this one, and that is part of what makes it such a special watch.

4. Sawyer Series- $544

Men Luxury wood watch
This men's watch from JORD is very dark, and the face of the watch is blue. It looks different from many of the wooden watches out there, but it is still one of the best wooden watches. The unique look of it makes it appear that it has not been made of wood, but it still has been, and that is what makes it so special. It is natural, durable, and handmade.

3. Women Wooden Watch Natura -€139

Swiss Women Wooden Watch
This natural watch from Ovi  Wooden Watches is the best women's wooden watch in the market because of the unique design, and the deep brown color gives it an elegant look. The wood is natural, and it is one of the best wood watches because it is natural and so high quality. It has been put together carefully, and it has a unique and beautiful design because of how carefully it has been made and the daily story of each curve. The face of the watch is different because the shape of the watch is as a dial to read time.

2. Chronograph- €319.00

Plantwear Wooden Watch
This wooden watch from Plantwear has a beautiful clock, and that makes it one of the best wooden watches. It is a bit colorful, even though it is made of wood, and that adds character to this watch. Another great thing about it is that it is comfortable. It is also a natural watch, and it is durable.

1. Ovi Mandala King- €189.00

Mandala King Wooden watch

It all starts with a sketch. Based on a given name or a word, a unique artwork was created. Then the name-art is duplicated over and over to create a circle, which is then filled and enriched with symbolic and decorative elements to make it look and feel complete. Then it was time to craft art on the Ovi Wooden Watch face. 

This is the best and most uniqe watch in the whole industry because Ovi Watch is the first company who started to engrave watch straps. 


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