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The Best 29 Wood Watches of 2019 Review on Amazon

29 best wooden watch on Amazon

Many people love nature & wood, so the wooden watch is the closest fashion peace to wear on daily basis.

The market is full of manufacturers and brands that offer a wide range of  Mens & Women wooden watches.

To make it easier, we’ve done the research for you and made a list of the best 29 Wooden Watches so you could choose the one that fits your wrist.

Here are some of the coolest and most qualitative made wooden watches you can find  on Amazon:

Mens Wooden Watch Prunus

Mens wood watch

The Prunus is a handcrafted wooden watch made from natural nut tree wood. The watch features Swiss Movement and sapphire crystal glass. It is very light only 22 grams and diameter of 42mm. Prunus is the perfect gift for men because of unique design and roman dials. 

Tense Wood Watch

Tense Wood wrist watch

This Tense wood watch is part of the G4100 series Sports Watches. Made mainly with green wood with and accented with rosewood(reddish color) accented for beautify and unique look and style. 

Wood watches are very unique, rarely seen with compliments while being worn is common due to it's unique looks making it a great gift. Round face with Roman numbers at the XII, VI and IX position and magnified date window and the III position.

 This G4100DR is made with dark wood face. Not only does it give time but also has date with magnifying window feature for easy reading. Watch may be slightly different than pictured due to changes in wood coloring, each one being slightly different.

Treehut Walnut

Mens Treehut wood watch

This Treehut watch is environmentally conscious since it is handmade using all natural walnut wood and black stainless steel. No toxic materials were used in the making of this analog watch making it safe to wear without fear of irritation.

WeWood Laguna Noce

Wewood man wristwatch

Laguna offers the unique coloration of historic Venetian Briccola wood in its geometric features, providing a rustic feeling for this otherwise very contemporary timepiece. Modern hands and markers are set into the Briccola woodgrain face, which includes windows for military hours and days of the week.

 Original Grain Rosewood

Orginal grain Men watch

Promising review: '' I could not believe how beautiful this watch was. It was bought as a gift for a relative that is just starting out collecting watches and he loved it as well. He had to take a couple links out because the band was too big for his wrist, but he said that was done easy enough. 
Other than the watch is even more beautiful that it shows up in the picture, I don't know much more about it, besides the fact that I might buy one for myself, because they look so nice.'' — James Kays

Bodo Bird

Bodo bird Wood Watch

BOBO BIRD is a manufacturer who design and produce wood watches. We hold our watches to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality. Each one of our products is truly an original. 

Every watch are handcrafted with Ancient Asian sustainable wood. Various types of materials including teak, ebony, maple and even bamboo, are all used during the creation process. These trees are hand selected by our expert craftsmen to ensure the exceptional quality of our wooden wrist watches.

Women Wooden Watch Natura

Women Wrist Watch
Let your wrist standout and complete your elegant style with our Natura 36 model made from nature. When it comes to comfort on the wrist, and durable mechanical timepiece set this classic Natura 36 is the perfect choice for lovers of premium quality accessories at an affordable price. 


Bewell Wristwatch

Promising review: '' I love natural products, especially wood. This is a beautifully crafted timepiece made from Zebra and Ebony Wood. It is very lightweight and easy to adjust the strap using the tool that comes supplied in the box. It features working day and date dials. I would thoroughly recommend this to any watch collector like myself and any craftsman who works with would as they would especially appreciate it. '' - Tim Dawson 

Ebony Wooden Watch

Ebony Wooden Watch
Promising review: '' Beautiful watch for this price the only problem being the pins do tend to stick tightly inside the links and are very hard to remove. When I got in touch with customer service, they very generously sent me a new watch which I could remove the links from! 10/10 experience, was a pleasure dealing with the customer service.'' - Mo

Engraved Wooden Watch Mandala King

Engraved Mens Wooden Watch

Definitely, one of the best watch to have for upcoming summer season because of uniqueness. The Ovi King pays tribute to the art of personalization, by providing unique design to each of our customers. It all starts with a sketch. 

Based on your given name or a word, a unique artwork will be created. Then the name-art is duplicated over and over to create a circle, which is then filled and enriched with symbolic and decorative elements to make it look and feel complete. Then it was time to craft art on the Ovi Wooden Watch face. 


Awesome Wooden Watch

Handmade Unisex Wooden Watches: wooden watches made by 100% real unique vintage eco-friendly lightweight solid natural Black sandalwood material with retro and classic black cow leather band. 

Tru Wood Wooden Watch for men
Natural fashion will always look good. The smooth and polished wooden strap is held together by a classic butterfly strap. This watch rests lightly on your wrist so you can look great all day long!

mens wood wrist watch

Positive Feedback: Turned out absolutely PERFECT!!! was so happy with this purchase. thank you!


treehut best wood watch

Be stylish and cool without looking too flashy or over the top with Treehut Ebony Men’s Wooden Watch. It is equipped with Japan-manufactured, precise Miyota Quartz Movement with a battery life that lasts up to 5 years. This is functional, resilient, and heavy-duty – top qualities that prove that this state of the art watch is the perfect match for your wrists.
Handmade and unique, the wooden face of this watch is made of all natural rough walnut burl that is neither unpainted nor chemical coated. This high quality material guarantees sturdiness and durability. It has a dial that is 1.7 inches in diameter. The strap is made of soft and genuine black leather that allows for comfortable wear. The strap is 1 inch wide and the wrist size is adjustable and expandable from 7 to 9 inches.
Viable harves best wood watch

Just when you thought you were done wearing watches, our designers at Viable Harvest have crafted amazing wood watches that are not only stunning but feel great! 
Their unique wood watches are made of all natural woods, each with a distinct look. With a smooth and polished finish, they will not only feel great on your skin, but they'll look fantastic!
Wilds wood watch best on amazon

A timeless part of our culture – no pun intended – the watch is a tool of function and a piece of fashion, all at once! When you set out to choose a watch for yourself, you will find that your options are numerous. 
Most of these options, however, are basically reiterations of a single idea, distinguished in only the slightest ways. With a watch by Wilds, the statement you make is a bold one.
Lux Woods

Lux Woods 2019 best wood watch

Introducing the Glenwood wood watch by Lux Woods. Their goal at Lux Woods is to create the highest quality wood watches with sleek modern designs, at affordable prices. All of their watches use very well respected, jeweled, Swiss made Ronda movements. 
They have taken every opportunity to opt for high-quality materials, and making sure that these watches will be the best bang for your hard-earned buck! 

Every piece of wood is different, which assures that every watch is as unique as its future owner.

Red Magnolia Women Wood Watch

Engraved Wooden Watches

Red Magnolia is a very stylish wrist watch made of all-natural maple & walnut wood, offering a very aesthetic look on the go. Its main highlights include mineral glass and Swiss Quartz movement. Everything is perfectly installed to deliver optimum accuracy and convenience.


This watch rests lightly on your wrist so you can look great all day long!


Komono Wood Watch

The Winston is their go-to piece for every occasion. The definition of a classic, the Winston's timeless design can be both casual and distinguished and pairs with everything. 

Womens Wood Watch Glamurus

Womens Wooden Watch
Elegant hand-crafted Glamurus watch that adds style to your beauty. It is made from wood of natural cherry tree. The wood is used in this watch is of the finest quality and handcrafted. 
The glass used in this watch is Premium Sapphire mineral glass which doesn’t get scratched no matter how you use it.


Mistura Wood Watch
Handmade wooden watch. The Magic of Nature A simple and harmonious style inspired by the harmony between the improvised and the asymmetrical. Find yourself with this timepiece and its magic. This creation leads you to the heart of nature, its textures and smells. Meet the magic in little details.

Women's Wooden Watch Almon

Red Wood Watch Almon

You want to stand out and you appreciate accessories made from nature then the Almon red wooden watch is the perfect fit. The Japanese movement carefully selected to stand the test of time. It is an aesthetic design providing affordable, durable and unique vintage knob style for a comfortable fit to the wrist. This Almon watch from Ovi Watch is like no other, a perfect gift for a loved one. Have a pleasant watch for all season and occasion, universal and versatile.

TruWood Space

Tru Wood dark wrist watch

Positive Feedback: Beautiful and low weight when you wear it because it is made of wood.

Original grain wood wrist watch

Original Grain's The Brewmaster - a tribute to the craft made with traditional beer barrels.

To honor this noble profession, Original Grain has created a unique timepiece: The Brewmaster. Each watch is made with authentic reclaimed wooden beer barrels, using a tempered carbonization process that extracts the utmost individuality from every ale-soaked artifact. 

Flame tempering brings out the true grain, yielding a distinctive finish to the Oakwood dial. The brushed silver steel lends contemporary strength, while the custom “Brewmaster” crest on the face says it all. It’s a watch made with the same passion and patience found in the world’s greatest brewmasters. It can only be worn with pride.

Jord Wooden Watches

Jord Wooden Watches

JORD is the top selling premium wood watch brand in the world. The Dover Series skeleton automatic is a remarkable design. Koa wood offers accentuated grain patterns that change tone in different light, meeting with a black ring surrounding the perpetual mechanisms at work. All wood is hand sanded and polished to a smooth, durable finish.

The Waterman

Wood Watch waterman

The Waterman Koa wood watch has finally surfaced...breath deep or maybe's pretty sweet. The original Hawaiian watermen used koa to make outrigger canoes, surfboards, and sailing canoes...pretty much everything we love about being on the water.

Best kerbholz wood watch

Minimalism at the best :)

Mens Wooden Watch Cusrsus

Mens wood watch

Discover A Breath-Taking, Handmade & Unique Watch That Will Turn A Few Heads
The uniqueness of each Ovi Watch timepiece is undeniable. The creativity behind them stems from their endless capacity for personalization. Ovi Watch uses premium quality materials and fine craftsmanship techniques, creating watches that will simply take your breath away.


So here they are. All 29 watches that can serve you in a variety of situations and will allow you to feel closer to nature?

Yes, some of them have a little bit more “cons” than “pros,” but that does not mean that you cannot wear them and feel the uniqueness.

Happy Shopping and lets stay closer to Nature :)


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