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Top 10 Most Popular Women's Wooden Sunglasses

This is a list of the best and most popular women’s wooden sunglasses. Let’s have a look at the most popular wooden sunglasses.

#10 Red Classic Rose Wood Sunglasses

Red Classic Rose Wood Sunglasses
The Stainless steel and wooden frame classic red Rihanna sunglasses with the all-new red design for bold looks perfect for your favorite days. Pick up a pair in classic Red on Red.

Rosewood frame sunglasses are strong, heavy woods. They have a very fragrant and dense grain near the core, but the outer sapwood is soft and porous. Rosewoods get their name commonly from the fragrance emitted while being cut. These Rosewood classic style wooden sunglasses are hand-crafted. Metal spring-loaded hinges and light-weight frames ensure a comfortable fit. These glasses also feature Red lenses that are UV400 protected and polarized.

#9 Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wooden Square Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wood Unisex Sunglasses

For the first time ever the Clubmaster, an absolute icon of the most popular sunglass brand Ray-Ban collection, is offered to you in precious premium wood versions, for an exclusive, contemporary look. This model is available in three different kinds of wood: walnut, maple and cherry combined with differently colored rubber insides. The wooden frames are treated and then lined for maximum comfort, ensuring the glasses are flexible and durable.

#8 Unique Wooden Polarized Sunglasses Unicus

Unique Wooden Polirized Sunglasses
Be the first one to try out the new wooden polarized Unicus sunglasses. A perfect design for your most perfect days. These high quality environmentally friendly sunglasses from womens collection offer polarized UV 400 protection lenses and 100% sustainably sourced wood.

#7 Proof Eyewear Elmore Polarized Sunglasses

Proof Eyewear Elmore Polarized Sunglasses
Just as the engraved quote inside the arm states-adventure more in the Elmore Sunglasses by Proof Eyewear. Handcrafted with wooden arms and an acetate frame, you blend right in on the trail while the polarized lenses protect you from the intensive glares of flowing streams and glass-still lakes. Spring-loaded stainless steel hinges create a durable fit that adjusts to most face shapes and sizes, while the medium-sized frames complement a wide range. Finished with a water and sweat-resistant layer, these glasses can splash in the water and handle a few sweat breaks to support your active lifestyle.

#6 WOODIES Walnut Wood Sunglasses

WOODIES Walnut Wood Sunglasses with Dark Polarized Lenses for Women
Woodies walnut wood polarized sunglasses offer a combination of 100% Walnut Wood arms that support a wayfarer style plastic frame. Each pair is completely unique and has its own wood striations. The lightweight Walnut Wood offers a comfortable fit that is durable and sturdy at the same time. Their unique stainless-steel, double-spring hinges are sturdy and designed to keep their shape year after year. The lenses are specially designed so that they are both dark and polarized, offering 100% UVA/UVB protection even in intense lighting conditions.

#5 Lanvin Paris Women Butterfly Wooden Sunglasses

Lanvin Paris Women Butterfly Wooden Sunglasses
Are you looking for a unique pair of butterfly sunglasses from one of the classiest and prestigious brands in the fashion industry? Then look no further than these stunning SLN632 sunglasses from our Lanvin collection. Lanvin sunglasses feature an array of bold shapes and designs that seamlessly blends materials and highlights hues from an elegantly demure color palette. Lanvin 632 sunglasses are designed with blend of acetate frame and wooden temples to add glamour to its already sophisticated frames.
Figure Acetate Wooden Sunglasses
The Figure: A Modern Icon. This frame marks the first of their new "Iconic" line. Aggressive styling comprised of cotton acetate front section, wooden arms, spring hinges, and polarized lensing that make them Johnny Fly. Organic Acetate Front Frame Adjustable Acetate Ear Piece All natural solid wood Johnny Fly's Medical Grade Spring Hinge Includes Textured Microfiber Cleaning Pouch Includes Johnny Fly's 100% Wooden carry case. 

#3 Fento Wood Sunglasses Cat Eye

Fento Wood Sunglasses Cat Eye

With highly stylized lines and curves, this frame evokes the subtle forms of the modern woman, magnifying the eyes of those who use them. 62 hours of work are needed since wood is delicately cut and treated until it becomes a unique piece. Their frames are made of plywood to give it strength and flexibility. Are completely finished by hand and treated with a mixture of oils and waxes that provide durability and weather-ability.
Dark Womens Wooden Sunglasses
These shades are made with natural recycled dark zebra wood temples from the Congo of India. They come with black reflective lenses. Stainless steel flex hinges make these sunglasses durable and comfortable for any size head. Polarized UV 400 lens to give maximum eye protection. Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion that will turn heads.

#1 Classic Dark Wooden Frames with Polarized Dark Lenses

Classic Dark Womens Wooden Frames with Polarized Dark Lenses

Classic sunglasses may just be one of the coolest looks in the Wooden Sunglasses collection. Inspired by Nature, this style has been redesigned with slightly larger rectangle lenses, fresh new frame colors, stunning colored lenses, and a rubberized frame finish to really give it that extra edge. Ovi Classic sunglasses are bold, fun and unforgettable. Add some edge to your style with these durable and unmistakable, iconic sunglasses.

So here they are. All top 10 most popular women's wooden sunglasses that will improve your looks immediately.


  1. I like sunglasses for sale whose frames were made from wood. Classic look.

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