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The 13 Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Come to the run-up to the big day, the last thing a bride and groom want is stress about the last little things, like groomsmen gifts. Luckily, We’ve put together a lineup of unique, creative, and non-traditional ideas that are sure to make everyone in your wedding party smile with pride. These cool groomsmen gifts are made to fit every type of guy.

1. Swiss Walnut Wooden Watch

This watch is extremely versatile and right on the fashion trend, valuable compared to its price. The aesthetic design provides extra class and highlights the natural browns in the walnut wood. It speaks business and elegance. Add Prunus to your suit when meeting your new cooperation partners. Designed to retain its grace this wrist watch made from natural Walnut wood will age beautifully with time.

2. Groomsmen Gift Set

This refined groomsmen gift set is the perfect way to show your best man, groomsmen, and other members of your wedding party you truly care. This five piece gift sets features a personalized wood box, a etched whiskey glass, a customized “will you be my groomsmen card” (4 choices available) a black groomsmen bow tie, and a black flask for storing his liquor.

3. Great European Glass Beer Stein with Flip-Up Pewter Lid

This traditional personalized beer stein with a sleek metal lid is a classic way to enjoy fine craft brew. Fashioned from stunning Italian glass, with a German-made pewter lid, this stalwart drinking mug tapers from the rim down toward a distinctive starburst effect at the base. The hinged pewter lid is attached to the top but can be easily removed when cleaning. Each personalized beer stein with metal lid comes engraved with the first name, last name, and initial of your choice, perfect for birthday and wedding party gifts.

4. Awesome Buckman Glasses and Bullet Whiskey Stones

Your groomsmen will never see such an awesome gift coming! This custom whiskey gift for groomsmen comes with two whiskey glasses and a set of six bullet-shaped whiskey stones inside a gift box, which also contains tongs and a travel bag. The glasses and box are personalized with a name, title, and date all of your choosing. Your groomsmen and their loved ones can enjoy a nice Whiskey Sour or Old Fashioned together with this super cool set. The bullet stainless steel whiskey stones will keep their drinks perfectly chilled but never watered down, ensuring the perfect sip every time.

5. Personalized Whiskey Glass with Their Name – A Classic Groomsmen Gift Idea

If your groomsman sneaks a drink of whiskey before the wedding it will be because of this cool custom groomsman gift idea. A whiskey glass with a striking marble base makes whiskey look more enticing than ever. Pair it with a bottle of your groomsman’s favorite liquor for an unforgettable gift. The glass comes engraved with the name, title, and date of your choice. This groomsman gift idea can even be personalized for your best man, ushers, or anyone else in the wedding party.
Hit the high seas or the boot of your car with our Armada Duffle in our flagship Vintage Brown Leather, inspired by the 16th-century Spanish sailing fleet. Shaped like a ship's hull, this sturdy duffle bag comes complete with complimentary luggage tag and a hard base to protect it's contents on long journeys (whether land or sea!)

7. The Ultimate Whiskey Presentation Gift Set

In executive circles, a handsome whiskey decanter tray with classic monogram is a symbol of tradition and style. This handsome set brings this tradition into a new era using modern technology for precision form and function. Starting with a natural birch base, these custom serving trays measure 12" x 10" x 2.75". Four whiskey glasses and a smooth, acrylic glass stand come personalized with three monogrammed letters of your choice. They look great in home or office, displaying your premium glassware.

8. Custom Knives for Your Wedding Party

Your groomsmen have always had the right tool for the job. It didn’t matter if it was starting a campfire or tapping a keg. This personalized knife for groomsmen keeps the tradition alive and well. From its stylish wooden handle, to the sharp serrated blade, glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and quick release thumb stud for easy opening, this knife has everything your groomsmen will need for whatever comes up next. Personalize each of their names with included engraving for a groomsmen gift that has mass appeal.

9. Custom Steel Beer Growler and Engraved Pint Set 

It's an honor just to be invited to a wedding, so make your gift memorable with our Fremont custom growler and beer glasses set. Bringing together a stainless steel growler and engraved pint glasses, this is the perfect gift idea for the best man, groomsman, or craft beer lovers on any occasion. Each personalized beer growler is constructed from 18/8 stainless steel, coated with a matte black finish, and personalized with the name, title, and date of your choice. It includes a secure, swing-top lid and silicone gasket to prevent spillage.

10. Unique Groomsmen Signs For Everyone in Your Wedding Party

What guy doesn’t love a cool bar, golf, movie, whiskey, beer, etc. sign he can hang on the wall of his apartment or home? These custom signs are amazing because they are made of real wood, come personalized with your groomsmen or best man’s name, and they come in over 200 styles and shapes. What’s great about that is you can choose a sign that’s different for each groomsmen and fits each of your unique style or interests.

11. Socks with Style

Your groomsmen are going to look sharp for your wedding. That’s a given. Why not give them a chance to have a little flair too? Happy Socks makes awesome, curated boxes of socks that will add some much-needed color to your groomsmen’s wardrobes. They’ve got a massive selection, so you can find what fits best for each member of your wedding.

12. Concrete Valet Tray

There’s a moment after you walk in the door following a particularly long day when you toss your keys and wallet down and feel the weight of the world slip away. That is, if you have a valet tray to catch your collection of gear, otherwise the haphazard mess you just made only adds to the stress. For a bit of rugged, industrial organization, allow us to recommend the Concrete Valet Tray.

Handing a friend or family member a spectacular bottle of liquor that has been painstakingly packed inside of a custom engraved wooden gift box doesn’t just show that you care, it proves that you’ve got the gumption to be creative in your gift giving. Don’t just think of a custom engraved wooden gift box for liquor bottles as gorgeous slabs of raw American Maple affixed with metal hinges and a gleaming clasp... think of them as personalized premium adult beverage delivery boxes!

Hope this list helped you to find the right gift!


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