Swiss Wooden Watches

The Best Swiss Wooden Watches

For those interested in Swiss wood watches, we have made a list of our top wooden watches powered with Swiss movements.The wood watch brands are featured in random order, which one is your favorite?

Prunus by Ovi Watch- £120.00

Handcrafted from nut-tree wood Ovi Watch made sure that watches are powered by Swiss movements. The great and minimal design makes them so natural and amazing and the best part is that weight of watch is the only 22g.

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Matashi- £299,99

This gorgeous Matashi Watch is crafted with a 1ATM water resistant Maple bezel and features a stylish brown leather band to give you the handsome sophistication and reliable durability you want in an all-purpose watch design.

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Zeitime- £123,71

A feminine design with natural materials to give - Slim and vivid, around your wrist the attractive lady girl feeling that you've always wanted to. The Ros√©goldfarbenen elements give the moment stone Italian A Degree Of Elegance. Carry the time Stone Italian and feel special. 

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Mandala King- £179,00

The Ovi King pays tribute to the art of personalization, by providing unique design to each of their customers. It all starts with a sketch. Based on your given name or a word, a unique artwork will be created. Then the name-art is duplicated over and over to create a circle, which is then filled and enriched with symbolic and decorative elements to make it look and feel complete.

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Walter- £149,46

Walter is Dandy and Sportsman all at the same time. The handcrafted wooden watch is easy to wear and it has Swiss movement Ronda 763. 

Woodstar- £89,95

The model Mura is a wristwatch made of solid Walnut wood, originating in the eastern United States, is a wood with slight brown shades. The dark blue dial gives a classic but elegant touch. The hands and details are chromed gold color.

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Natura 36- £120.00

Women wooden watch Natura 36 is handcrafted from nut tree, and is unique with special design and powered with Swiss movement Ronda 763. Watch is easy to use and you will never feel it its weight of 18g.


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